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ISIS - Online Registration, scheduling, and league management

Integrated online sports management

Amateur sports administration at your fingertips

SportsPilot's ISIS (Interactive Sports Information Service) is your one stop for integrated online sports management, providing sports organizers top scheduling software, online registration, back office access, facility management, and an online store all in one website! ISIS is the most complete solution for online sports management. Administrators can manage their organization from office or home on a 24/7 basis using a standard web browser and Internet connection. It is no longer necessary to go to separate websites to obtain scheduling reports, player histories, player reports, facility reports and online purchase reports. Get it all in one location!

Keeping you ahead of the game

ISIS incorporates a wide range of products and services designed to redefine and improve the information flow between amateur sports organizations and their players, parents, fan and community while delivering cost savings. Whether you manage a small volunteer sports league or a national sports organization, ISIS provides you with the world’s most comprehensive lineup of on-line software and services saving you time, frustration and money! ISIS is the integrated solution for all your sports organizational needs.

Client Feedback

"SportsPilot's on-line registration system has proven to be a winner with recreational soccer families and competitive teams. A key benefit of the on-line process is that it allows the Chamber to accommodate the high volume of registrations that inevitably take place close to the deadline and frees up (our) Registrar to deal personally with those having problems. The system allowed us to register about 400 kids in one day. That would have been quite a trick under the old system. We’ve had a good response from club teams, they find our system to be simpler and more efficient than the manual systems used by other associations."

Gary Robinson - Executive Director of North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Soccer Association

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